What is Acrylic pouring?

Acrylic pouring is a method which involves mixing acrylic paint with different mediums and pouring it on canvas or on other surfaces in various methods. For instance, sometimes it is layered in a cup and turned upside down on a canvas, or a string is pulled across the paint, or a paper is swiped across the canvas. 

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Alcohol Ink Painting

The following are alcohol ink paintings. Alcohol inks are, as the name suggests, an alcohol-based, highly pigmented, dye-based ink that can be diluted with isopropyl alcohol. It comes in a myriad of colors, plus you can mix your own colors. Some of the tools I use are a hair dryer, a heat gun, a straw, and cotton swabs.

Most are just matted, as it is cheaper and easier to mail, however all are original paintings, not prints. 

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A Few Extra Pieces

I also make pictures out of Polymer Clay, a substance that you work like clay, but when baked in the oven, becomes a polymer and is solid. I also make tiles, which I use to cover boxes.  

I have a kiln and make fused glass pendants, most of which are not shown here, but I would be glad to show you if you are interested.